Meet Doulas of Orlando

Welcome to Doulas of Orlando! We’re so happy you’ve found us. Our practice was created with a focus on serving the diverse and thriving culture of Orlando with care specifically created with you in mind. We work hard to make sure our services are up-to-date, comprehensive, and inclusive. With care from a Doulas of Orlando Doula, you can rest assured we’ve got your best interests at heart.

Our ultimate goal is for you to feel supported. No matter what type of birth you decide to have. We support your educated choice of a VBAC, hospital birth, homebirth, natural, vaginal, medicated, unmedicated, birth center birth, or scheduled c-section(belly birth). 

Our Birth philosophy is flexible, We want to make sure you know your options and feel strong enough to make YOUR OWN choice. Even if it doesn’t align with how we would choose to give birth.

“A community built on support.”

Our Story

Doulas of Orlando was founded to address a need in our area. We wanted to bring diversity to birth and parenting work and create something for everyone. 

Create Your Experience

Find the perfect support for your family.