We know you have questions and we have answers! To make it easy we’ve compiled a list of questions we hear all the time so you can access answers quickly and right at your fingertips. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s go ahead and go throught the different questions that most of our clients to be ask.

What is a Doula?

Doulas are non-medical support people. We are there to give you the information that perhaps the doctor forgets to mention or go over. We play devil’s advocate and list out the pros and cons to each procedure. We do this from an unbiased standpoint. Because honestly it is not up to us, but you to make the choices that are right for you.

Is a Doula different from a midwife?

Short answer? Yes. We are different. A midwife is there to medically make sure you and the baby transition from pregnancy to postpartum safely and as smoothly as possible. They are there as a medical professional. Midwives are a needed profession and help bring pregnancy and labor back from overmedicalization to normalization.

Are Doulas in Orlando covered by insurance?

Short answer: Maybe. 

Some insurance companies are REIMBURSING for doula, childbirth and lactation support. So definately check with your insurance provider to see if you plan covers our amazing support. 🙂

How does Doulas of Orlando work?

We work as a team to make sure you are covered and so are our other clients. 

Sometimes life happens. We have a TEAM, of atleast 3 experienced doulas for each client, just in case one of us gets sick,  another client goes into labor and/or both.

Are Orlando Doulas just for home births?

No. We work about 80% of the time in the hospital setting. Which hospitals? All the ones in Central Florida:

Hospitals we mostly work out of:

  • Advent Health Orlando
  • Advent Health Winter Park
  • Advent Health Altamonte Springs
  • Advent Health Celebration
  • Orlando Health Osceola
  • Winnie Palmer Hospital


Do Doulas only support "natural" births?

No. Although all of us love a good homebirth or natural birth. It doesn’t mean we will push you to do something you don’t want to do. Medicalized or in other words, clients that get epidurals or induced can have a beautiful experience as well. It isn’t about your support team, it’s about you and your experience. 

Do I meet the team?

Yes. You will meet your team at either your childbirth ed classes with us or at the prenatal visits we do with you at or around 37 weeks.

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