Luna Orozco


Luna is in Orlando, FL. native and mother to two beautiful daughters and a new born son. She is bilingual in English/Spanish.

Her journey as a Doula in Orlando began when she realized there was too much difference between what a couple’s expectations were about birth and the reality of current birth practices. As a Certified Doula, she can prepare parents so they feel confident enough to ask questions and by helping the vision of their ideal birth become a reality. By educating her clients in the birth process, she prepares them for their upcoming journey into parenthood and allows them to make informed decisions as they arise. Her services extend into post-partum when most new parents feel vulnerable and unsupported.

The Central Florida has a great need for Birth & Postpartum and Lactation support. Motherhood is a momentous event that marks both a woman and her partner. It is often underestimated and not seen as a life changing event. Birth sets the tone for their parenthood and should not be taken lightly.

M. Luna worked with Playground Magazine to bring Central Florida with The Ultimate Maternity Guide for New Moms of 2015, it has been published and is currently available in their Issue of March/April 2015

M. Luna is currently working with Dimples Magazine to bring evidence-based information to the public.

M. Luna’s goal as Prenatal Educator is to give her parents support and knowledge to grow and develop both as a couple and parents. While in pregnancy, She strives to give them all the resources that are available to them in Orlando.

She has available to her couples an extensive Lending Library that they can use at will.

“Birth isn’t about me. Its about you.”


  • Certified Birth and Postpartum Doula, DONA international
  • Rebozo Certified, Gena Kirby
  • Certified Bengkung Belly Binding, Sacred Pregnancy
  • Healthy Children Certified Lactation Counselor May, 2015
  • Certified Placenta Encapsulator, IPPA
  • Instructor Childbirth Education, Lamaze, ICEA
  • Escuela Dar a Luz – Educadora de Salud Materna (Instructor Midwives: Debbie Diaz-Ortiz, Gilda Vera Lopez y Alina Bishop)

Languages Spoken

  • English, Fluent
  • Spanish, Fluent


Pricing and availability subject to change. Exclusive availibility starting at $1,400.

Luna will only be taking exclusive clients due 2020 starting Jan 2020.

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Luna is one of the original Spanish speaking doulas in Orlando. She is a very popular doula, and only takes a certain amount of clients per month. Book now!

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