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Doula Services

For pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

Primary Support Services

Pregnancy & Labor Support

Starting in your pregnancy until birth, we provide evidence-based information for your consideration. We are available to talk through your concerns, address procedures, or situations you may be facing in a manner that is easy to understand.

During labor, we are available 24/7 to answer questions, provide feedback, and support you in person at your convince. We will labor at home with you until you feel ready to transition to your birth plans.

Homebirth? Hospital birth? Birth Center birth? We support your choice of locations.

Postpartum Support

Whether you want to be handheld through the early weeks of your postpartum life or would like to sleep through the night. We are here to help. 

Travel Doula

Are you feeling overwhelmed because you are traveling and hoping to have support on hand?

Our postpartum travel doulas offer the same amazing round the clock support for you and your family to your destination, there and back. 

Are you close to giving birth and coming to Orlando to welcome your baby?  We can help you find the medical team, the housing and guide you through the ENTIRE thing.

We Also Support Couples With

High-Risk Pregnancies


Single Parents

Hospital Births

Informed Consent

Vaginal Birth after C-section/s (VBAC’s)


Natural Births



Birth Center Births

Exploring Alternatives


Newborn Care

Same-Sex Couples


Finding the Right Providers

Postpartum Support

Travel Postpartum Support

Postpartum depression


Birth Packages



2 Prenatal Visits

Initial Chiropractic Assessment*

Birth Plan Prep

Labor Support

Initial Breastfeeding Support



The Standard


The Essential Package +

Dedicated Support Group

Childbirth Education

Resource List Top providers

2 Chiropractic Adjustments*

1 Postpartum Visit



Pampered mama


The Essential Package +

Dedicated Support Group

Childbirth Education Course

Placenta Encapsulation

3 Chiropractic Adjustments

1 Postpartum visit

20 hours of Postpartum Doula Support



Postpartum Packages

Peace of Mind


5 Nights of Postpartum Support

40 hours +

Catch up on sleep

Experienced Team of Doulas

Hands-on Breastfeeding support

Newborn Care 

starting at


Every Step of the way 


240 Hours +

Daytime support

Nighttime support

Flexible schedule

Experienced team of doulas

Hands-on breastfeeding support

Newborn Care

Catch up on sleep

starting at


Travel Doula


Trip Packing Support

Round trip In-Flight/travel Support

Worldwide Travel

Around the clock availability 

Newborn Care

Nursing Support

Unpacking Support

 Same amazing Postpartum Care

starting at


Other Services

Childbirth Education

learn more

Placenta Encapsulation

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Lactation Consultation 

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Happy Clients

I had an unforgettable experience beyond what I imagined. The support of Keshia and Kinsey helped me push through my home birth. They were there with me all the way from start to finish. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

One of the best decisions my husband and I made was hiring Doulas of Orlando to assist with my natural birth. From our first meeting with Luna, we felt completely at ease and confident we would have the support we needed to achieve our birth goals. We met each member of the team in the weeks leading up to delivery, and LOVED each one. Nicolle was the doula on call when the day arrived, and I can’t gush enough about her! She was such a calming, reassuring, and positive force throughout my labor. She was exactly what I needed, and what my husband needed, to get us through the most intense and exciting day of our lives. I delivered a healthy boy, and can’t wait to share his growth with the whole team!

One of the best decisions I made was to work with Doulas of Orlando, I wanted to be able to do a delivery without anesthesia or any type of drug, I had one baby before in a hospital and that’s not what I wanted, been able to have them a part of my delivery team allowed me to accomplish exactly what I wanted!! They made a HUGE difference, I’d probably have given up in the middle of the process if it wasn’t for them!!

Luna é uma pessoa iluminada! Escolher a Doula que irá te acompanhar na gestação e estará com você no dia da chegada do seu filho é algo que precisa ser bem escolhido. Ela transmite paz, tranquilidade, sabe como acolher. Eu só tenho a agradecer a Deus por ter unido nossos caminhos. Excelente profissional RECOMENDO a todas as futuras famílias.

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