Happy Clients

I had an unforgettable experience beyond what I imagined. The support of Keshia and Kinsey helped me push through my home birth. They were there with me all the way from start to finish. I don’t know what I would have done without them!

One of the best decisions my husband and I made was hiring Doulas of Orlando to assist with my natural birth. From our first meeting with Luna, we felt completely at ease and confident we would have the support we needed to achieve our birth goals. We met each member of the team in the weeks leading up to delivery, and LOVED each one. Nicolle was the doula on call when the day arrived, and I can’t gush enough about her! She was such a calming, reassuring, and positive force throughout my labor. She was exactly what I needed, and what my husband needed, to get us through the most intense and exciting day of our lives. I delivered a healthy boy, and can’t wait to share his growth with the whole team!

One of the best decisions I made was to work with Doulas of Orlando, I wanted to be able to do a delivery without anesthesia or any type of drug, I had one baby before in a hospital and that’s not what I wanted, been able to have them a part of my delivery team allowed me to accomplish exactly what I wanted!! They made a HUGE difference, I’d probably have given up in the middle of the process if it wasn’t for them!!

Luna é uma pessoa iluminada! Escolher a Doula que irá te acompanhar na gestação e estará com você no dia da chegada do seu filho é algo que precisa ser bem escolhido. Ela transmite paz, tranquilidade, sabe como acolher. Eu só tenho a agradecer a Deus por ter unido nossos caminhos. Excelente profissional RECOMENDO a todas as futuras famílias.

Luna, Jezel and Na’ima (I hope that’s the correct spelling) are the best thing I got for pregnancy, labor, and postpartum care. Actual lifesaver’s, I can’t thank or recommend them enough.

Aryn Murphy

I’m soooo thankful for Luna. She was there for my husband and I when we needed her most. My husband especially felt so thankful to have someone to help him get through, and keep him strong. She knew how to keep me calm and relaxed even through the worst contractions.

Kayleigh Earl

I have to say that having Luna in the room with my husband and I helped us tremendously to reduce having a C-Section. I was induced due to Preeclampsia and Gestational Diabetes and Luna had already done an excellent job of prepping my husband and I for what could of occurred with my high risk pregnancy through our classes (We got the Pampered Momma Package). Luna arrived promptly to Osceola hospital and was so prepared. We labored until I was almost 6cm then I received my Epidural which I chose to receive so my blood pressure can stay stable. The Dr wanted to give me Pitocin( which gives Jackhammer contractions) to speed up dilation and medication for nausea from my epidural but with Luna I didn’t need any of it. She used essential oils, the peanut ball, and massages to ease my pain anxiety and helped me dilate on my own. She fed me broth, nuts, and popsicles which helped me stay energized. She never pushed me to make any decision, but immediately let me know my options so I wouldn’t be pressured to do anything I was uncomfortable with. She kept my husband calm and even took beautiful intimate pictures of my birth. The nurse and Dr were trying to get me to push when I wasn’t ready and Luna helped me do some techniques to help bring baby down and reminded me to listen to my baby and my body. The Dr wanted to use vacuum to get the baby out. And because of Luna’s education I refused and started to push when my baby told me to and pushed him out in 10 mins. We did Delayed cord clamping and placenta which delivered the most blood to my baby. My beautiful miracle was born 7lbs 8oz and 21 1/2 in after 29 hours of labor which were guided by Luna ever step of the way. Honestly I would have been so lost without Luna and would of ended up in a C-section. Luna visited us post-partum and delivered my placenta encapsulation pills which gave me so much energy to take care of my baby. And I naturally kept my pressure low during pregnancy and after with magnesium due to education from birthing classes. I got an adjustment done right b4 labor, which was included in my package, that totally helped my back pain and aligned my pelvis making it smooth sailing for my baby to come thru birth canal (no breech!) I will never be able to repay Luna for how much she loved, educated, and helped my beautiful new family. I still refer to her with questions 4 months postpartum and she always answers me and checks up on me. We have so much love and respect for Luna. She was truly a blessing! Don’t think twice. She’s worth every penny and a billion times more!�

Angie Kenton

(Translated by Google) Luna is an enlightened person! Choose a Doula that will accompany you during pregnancy and will be with you on the day of arrival of your child is something that needs to be well chosen. It conveys peace, tranquility, know how to welcome. I just have to thank God for having united our ways. Excellent professional recommend to all future families.

Luna é uma pessoa iluminada! Escolher a Doula que irá te acompanhar na gestação e estará com você no dia da chegada do seu filho é algo que precisa ser bem escolhido. Ela transmite paz, tranquilidade, sabe como acolher. Eu só tenho a agradecer a Deus por ter unido nossos caminhos. Excelente profissional RECOMENDO a todas as futuras famílias.

Carla Platenik

First time mom

Finding Luna was THE best thing for my entire pregnancy. I only learned about doulas halfway through my pregnancy, and I am so grateful that I decided to use one and found Doulas of Orlando. Luna was supportive, encouraging, knowledgeable, and caring. I didn’t know it was possible to find a company that was loving and professional at the same time. Without her, I would know nothing about the natural birth world, I would have never experienced the beautiful birth center I gave birth in, and I would never have gained the confidence or love for myself that I did. She truly nurtures the whole woman and family!

Tayler Figueroa

Luna was everything I could’ve asked for in a doula. Patient, knowledgeable, caring, and most importantly, calming, are some of the great qualities about her (and her work!) She is a professional and excellent at what she does. Highly recommend her to women who are a looking to have a wonderful and unforgettable birthing experience.

Veronica Coral

One of the best decisions I made was to work with Doulas of Orlando, I wanted to be able to do a delivery without anestesia or any type of drug, I had one baby before in a hospital and that’s not what I wanted, been able to have them a part of my delivery team allowed me to accomplish exactly what I wanted!! They made a HUGE difference, I’ll probably would have given up in the middle of the process if it wasn’t for them!!

Glangy Dickson

Being a certified birth doula myself I know how high expectations can be when hiring a doula. Luna met all my expectations. I had no interest in “doula-ing“ myself during my labor. I wanted all the help, support, and expertise I could get. Luna was beyond wonderful to work with from start to finish. I think she really tries to meet you where you are at with knowledge base and basic understanding. She made a number of suggestions to me the day of my daughter’s birth that were excellent calls and showed her complete competence and experience. Trust me- I had the *PERFECT BIRTH* and she was a wonderful and integral part of that. You want this woman on your team. My husband and midwives loved her too!! We all love you Luna! 

Posted 7/30/2018

Neeley Butler

Para la llegada al mundo de Simon contamos con la ayuda de Luna de Doulas of Orlando, durante la fase pre natal y el parto. Mi esposo y yo nos preparamos tanto como pudimos por nuestra cuenta, sin embargo, como padres primerizos y tomando en cuenta que nuestro hijo nacería en un hospital tradicional, supimos que necesitaríamos un apoyo extra para llevar a cabo nuestro plan de parto. Recibimos a Simon el 15 de septiembre de 2016 tal y como lo soñábamos, de manera respetuosa, con un parto natural maravilloso y sin complicaciones. Luna nos suministro mucha información importante con la que pudimos transformar esos miedos de padres primerizos en una conexión única y especial con nuestro bebe. Es una persona profesional y ejerce su rol de Doula con mucho cariño. Durante el trabajo de parto puse en practica todos sus tips y recomendaciones y hoy puedo decir que recuerdo mi parto como una experiencia mágica llena de sensaciones de felicidad y placer! Tuvimos un trabajo de parto de 9 horas, llame a Luna cuando sentí que la necesitaba, ella llego a mi casa con una energía muy bonita, nos acompaño al hospital poco tiempo después y para nuestra sorpresa llegamos con 10 centímetros de dilatación, fue muy emocionante! a las 8 de la mañana tenia a mi bebe en brazos y puedo decir con total seguridad que fue el momento mas feliz de mi vida! Gracias Luna por tu ayuda en esta bella experiencia!

Cecilia Padilla

Luna is someone you definitely want at your birth. I had a high-risk pregnancy and induction and she was there every step of the way monitoring and supporting me. She was completely caring and comforting as my labor progressed. It was not easy but she was a huge asset. I would recommend her to anyone with any history or any type of birth.

Laura Hubbard

Luna was everything I could’ve asked for in a doula. Patient, knowledgeable, caring, and most importantly, calming, are some of the great qualities about her (and her work!) She is a professional and excellent at what she does. Highly recommend her to women who are a looking to have a wonderful and unforgettable birthing experience.

Amy Moth

Our first son was born 14 years ago, needless to say this was like the first time all over again. I knew I wanted a different experience with a natural birth but would need support in doing so. So I looked into hiring a Doula and met Luna through a baby expo. After our consult I knew we’d be a great match! I was worried my husband would not  be receptive but Luna made him feel very involved in the process, to include our prenatal classes. when I went into labor, she was immediately responsive and even arrived at the hospital before we did. During the labor she provided differeny positions and techniques to manage the pain. I am sure the nurses at the hospital were not used to the low moans I was making but the breathing exercises truly worked! All of the hospital staff was amazed by the natural birth and the team I had by my side, which included family. Luna was an essential part my son’s birth and I would highly recommend her to anyone considering hiring a Doula!! 

Jasmin Cruz

This is second time I had the pleasure to have Maria as my doula. Without her I would have the birth I plan for 9 months. She visit me a couple of times for my prenatal classes and to follow with me. I called her a few times during my high-risk pregnancy with questions and she was able to have an answer for all of them. I thank God for putting Maria in our lives. Two births without medications and complications thanks to her. She follow up with me after giving birth and taught me how to breastfeed my two kids. She’s very knowledgeable.  She’s amazing !!!!! My son is 2 yrs and my daughter 10 months and she’s still contacting me asking how are my kids. ?? 

Thank you, Maria and Doulas of Orlando! 

Zaida Sosa

Luna was fantastic! We met her and hired her to be our doula one week before our baby was born. She knew exactly what to do when my water broke and contractions started but then stalled out. She helped us really get contractions going, had techniques to move baby down because he was in an awkward position, and did not seem to be dropping. We live close to the hospital and she knew when we should head out so I would be admitted immediately. She knew what you go through in triage and made sure we would arrive dilated enough to fly through and be sent upstairs as quickly as possible. She was familiar with the staff and processes at Winnie Palmer Hospital where we delivered and made me and my husband feel more comfortable with what was going on in such a stressful and trying time. Which allowed me to focus on my labor and have a successful natural birth as close to our bithplan as possible. We highly recommend her services and are so glad we made this decision.

Jen M

Luna is an amazing doula! Both my husband and I can attest to Luna’s ability and knowledge. Her presence during the birth of our son was a tremendous help. This was our first pregnancy and we both wanted to have an experienced and encouraging coach to help us along the way. In addition, I wanted to complete childbirth naturally with no pain medication. Luna was helpful in educating us in what to expect in the weeks leading up to the birth, the childbirth process itself, and what to expect postpartum.
We received the childbirth classes in our home and they were in Spanish, which was very convenient for us. Also, as a part of her services you are free to call/ text her anytime,even in the middle of the night; I did it a couple of times and she was always nice, calm, and gave me the right answers to my fear-based questions.
After 42 weeks, our son Sebastian was born at the Florida Hospital for Women. Luna was very professional and nurturing throughout the labor and delivery. She was quick to make suggestions that were in my best interest. In addition to her active coaching, Luna also provided warming pad,oils, and her magical back massage. She helped us achieve our ideal labor and delivery. Sebastian was born naturally as I wanted. Honestly, Luna was a great cheerleader in moments where I thought I would not be able to deliver the baby. She is awesome and we recommend her highly. Thanks so much Luna!
Keep up the good work!
Adriana, Daniel,and Sebastian.

Adriana Vargas

I would like to share my incredible, life changing experience of having my first baby girl with Luna by my side. It’s impossible to capture how amazing she is. From the moment i met her, i could feel her calm, supportive, & relaxing energy. She immediately made time to meet me when i called her to be my birth companion. She got to know me as a friend & someone i could confide in during all of the stages of my pregnancy. She’s so flexible when it comes to arranging meetings with my husband and I whenever we needed her. She was so kind and came to my home to listen to me about what kind of birth experience i wanted, while also educated me on the important questions to ask my doctors about child birth during my prenatal care. Her knowledge helped me to create my birth plan and to relieve my anxiety. I really appreciated how she lent me several books to help me to build confidence in myself & my body. These books were great, “Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth,” & “The Birth Partner by Penny Simkin.” Her advice to create a visual aid when I was in labor was priceless because that truely helped me to embrace the contractions as a surge of positive energy rather than as pain -it kept me mentally strong. There truly is a mind & body connection when giving birth naturally. She was there with me through the entire labor and birth and I couldn’t have done it without her. She mothered me and helped me to get through every contraction by breathing properly, dancing, moving my body in a figure-eight motion, using the birthing ball, and staying relaxed and optimistic. With her incredible coaching and support, I was able to give birth to my daughter all natural in the hospital -with no medication! I couldn’t believe how much stress the medical staff from the hopsital created because they weren’t in control and I was. My family was so thankful & I will always remember this life-changing event & how incredible Luna was by my side like a guardian angel.

Sarah Kozlowski

There is nothing more intensely earth-shattering than becoming a parent. As Maria once put it, your “center of the universe” shifts from the self-serving “I” to this little person outside of yourself. The transition can be a little overwhelming. I absolutely would not have handled it so well if I didn’t have Maria as my guide. 

From the moment we met I felt a warm, comfortable calmness in her presence. We agreed she would be my birth doula at 12 weeks pregnant. As I progressed through my pregnancy, Maria helped me through all the unforseen challenges and hurdles. She always had a remedy for any ailment I came up with. She suggested (and even provided some) wonderful reading material that gave me strength to get through birth and the early days of parenting. We stayed in constant contact through text message and it was a wonderful sense of security to have her as a resource. 

As I faced the possibility of c-section Maria helped me stay calm and focused. She would never be judgemental of any decision a mother made in regards to her birth experience. Doulas often are thought to have an agenda or push a certain type of birth experience. Maria was never that way and was nothing but supportive of my feelings about laboring and birth. A good doula has value no matter situation a mother faces and Maria is a GREAT doula.

Not only was she a wonderful support for me during my labor but, she gave my husband the confidence and tools to help and support me as well. Together they were the dream team of labor companions. At the end of the day my husband and I both agreed; Maria was invaluable. We would absolutely want her to attend any future births. 

Olivia Rodriguez

A los pocos meses de haber pasado por la perdida de mi primer embarazo me entero que estoy embarazada. Los nervios  se hicieron cargo de mis dias,es en este momento que decido buscar una ayuda extra. Asi conoci a Luna “mi doula”, ella desde el principio me trato como si me conociera de toda una vida pero mas increible se reunio sin compromiso solo para orientarme y guiarme. Ella logro calmarme y dirigirme hacia las personas que cuidarian mi embarazo y se emociono con cada paso que dimos. El tiempo que pasabamos sin vernos se encargaba de mantenerme ocupada con informacion, libros, estudios, mensajes de textos y sus “hola, nose de ti”. Uno de esos dias comence a sangrar y me encontraba de carrera al hospital a mi entender llegaria sola a la sala de emergencia,durante el camino le escribi sobre mi estado para mantenerla informada y para mi sorpresa al llegar a emergencia “ALLI ESTAB, LUNA”. Ella se encargo de llenar los papeles conmigo, hablar con mis enfermeras y sobre todo relajarme.Finalmente eso fue solo un susto, asi pasaron varios meses con ella siempre al pendiente. Meses desps comence a sangrar pero esta vez no todo estaba bien.Aunque en ese momento no deseaba a nadie a mi lado  LUna estuvo ahi, aun sin saber si le permitiria estar a mi lado. Fue persistente y entendio mis sentimientos, respeto mi espacio y con permiso permanecio a mi lado y al de mi famila. No tan solo fue mi soporte si no el de mi esposo y en especial el de mi madre. Ella nos dio la mano a todos sin importar la situacion. Ella dio su tiempo, su amor y sobre todo su dedicacion antes, durante y despues de todo mi proseso. Solo tuve la oportunidad de tener en brazos a mi bebe una vez y ella estuvo ahi para ser parte de ese momento, lloro conmigo, me dio la mano, seco mis lagrimas y me alento a no rendirme. Ya han pasado 8 meses y aun la dedicacion que tiene “mi doula” es increible.Es una persona excepcional, el amor a su trabajos y a sus “mamas” es muy especial. Gracias, Luna!!

Jocelyn C

We used Doulas of Orlando as our birth doula. They provided really informative lessons about nutrition, the pregnant body and all things birth. I loved that no matter what options we chose, we would have a doula to support us. Doulas are not ONLY for “crunchy” mommas. If you or a loved one are pregnant or trying, no matter how far along, you DESERVE a doula! We could not have had the experience we did without them. In a hospital where everything is a crisis, birth was no emergency for Luna. Just another day assisting in a miracle, but not a reason to panic. She brought calm and support, present when needed and blending into the background when needed. It was like magic! Thank you, Doulas of Orlando!

Alexia Richardson

Luna was my doula for my vba2c attempt. I had to have a third C-section for medical reasons (super low amniotic fluid and non reassuring fetal surveillance). She was a great support for my husband and I, Luna is very knowledgeable on what she does, from her I learned how to be more calm during the whole process before surgery, she was there the whole time with us since arriving at the Hospital till after surgery when everything was well, we got there at night she left in the morning. We had great communication during my pregnancy she was always there to answer all my questions. She also helped me to write my birth plan, according to my desires for the baby and I. It was my first time having a Doula for pregnancy and C- section, and it was a defenetly a different better experience for me.. 

Flor Arellano

Being a first time mom in process and handling a high risk pregnancy (due to type 1 diabetes) was very nerve wrecking and frustrating. I endured many stories of scary births and horrifying opinions without base from my OBGYN.  But M. Luna Inthisack helped me build confidence in myself, reminding me about how well my health was (within my chronic illness) and how many women like me have given birth without complications or cesarian sections.  She taught me a lot about what symptoms to watch for to ensure baby is healthy.  She was also willing to learn more about my specific condition so that she could be more helpful during my labor.  She worked around my schedule and at times even made herself available for unscheduled visits.  She also reminded me to trust myself in my feelings and decisions.  If it wasn’t for everything she taught me and her support, I would have had very unnecessary c-section done by a extremely rude doctor.  Instead, I had the courage to labor at home an request another doctor at the hospital.  Luna was with me, coaching me through my whole labor and delivery.  The birth of my baby did not go exactly as planned.  However, it was a success and both my baby and I left the hospital healthy.  I am so grateful for having Luna as my doula. 

Victoria Acevedo

I want to take this opportunity to share my experience and thank Luna from Doulas of Orlando for all the support she gave during my hard labor hours. I am a first time mom and thanks to her I learned so many things, she was there with me the whole time at the hospital and even over night she didn’t move from my side. I think if it wasn’t for Luna I probably wouldn’t have made it that far. Besides all the love and huge support Luna had great techniques to help me make it through the pain when contractions came along. I’m so glad I came across Doulas Of Orlando and had the opportunity to meet Luna. She is very knowledgeable and loving. Also she follows up with you after birth which is great to have someone with her experience to answer any questions or doubts. I would recommend her services to any mom to be because Luna really cares for what she does. You won’t regret or be dissapointed if you hire her. Thank you again Doulas of Orlando for providing me such a great Doula like Luna.  

Maria Vera

Luna was my doula i went through my pregnancy and she was there all the time for any question i had and guiding me she gave me.the classes at my house with videos and copies so i can.keep she guide me through hipnobirthing we were getting ready for the most natural birth that can possibly happen. She also (lucky me) guide me through hospitals processes wich i thought it was silly but at the end it was important due to i had complications and i end up in a hospital so i knew and was prepared for what was coming. Im very thankful with luna cuz she was beside me every second cheering me up everytime i gave up keeping me calm everytime i got desperate talking to my mom everytime she was upset i wouldn’t been able to go through it with out a doula and non only i hire a doula i found me a friend. If i ever get pregnant again i would definitely work with luna again. She’s trustable and she knows what she’s doing. 

Fabiola Penaherrera

On 6/30/14 Maria helped me accomplish my dream of an natural vbac at home . She motivated me and pushed me when I needed it. She made me laugh at times. We had a bond that I never thought I could have in short matter of time. She knew what I needed when I needed it .

When I went into labor she was there to help me with my hip pain that I was suffering from. And she was able to get my midwifes to my home quickly by speaking for me. Maria could tell when I need motivation due to sheet exhaustion she stayed with me through the night when everyone else slept Of almost 16 hours labor, rubbing my back and shaking my hips which was the greatest relief. She sang (let it go with me ) to make me laugh. And told me not to give up and how it was my dream to have a natural birth, especially after a c-section and everyone said it can’t be done. She was All I ever wished for in a doula. And if I were to get pregnant again she would be first one on my list to call to be my doula! Simply love her!

Annette Crystal Andrews

Maria doula’d for my wife and me, and honestly, we cannot imagine any other doula being able to provide the level of care, encouragement, and support that Maria gave my us. We had a hard and long labor, and Maria was there for us the entire time. She spent 30 hours by my wife’s side, and if it weren’t for her, I don’t think we would have been able to sustain. She never complained, never showed signs of frustration or aggrevation with the time we were taking to progress. She instead remained positive, encouraging, and steadfast. If you plan on having a homebirth, you’d be remorseful to not hire her. She is what a doula should be all about. My wife is so grateful for Maria, because it was her attitude and techniques that helped her with her pain management. It’s like she knew exactly where she was hurting. Even when we had a failure to progress, Maria followed up with us at the hospital, and even came to visit us and the baby when it was all said and done. We could not have made it through our labor without her. Hire Maria. She is worth it. 

Josh A Bear

Mi nombre es Maria E. Rust y mi bebe se llama Isabella “Bell” Rust. Mi hermosa Bell nacio Marzo 17th del 2014 a las 3:46 PM con la asistencia de Maria Luna, mi doula. Maria Luna es una mujer muy especial y me siento muy agradecida con Dios de que me la haya puesto en mi camino.

Isabella es mi primer bebe y como primeriza, estaba muerta de los nervios con la idea del parto. Habia escuchado historias que la verdad me llenaban de anciedad y nerviosismo. Mi esposo y yo queriamos y habiamos planeado un parto totalmente natural sin ningun tipo de medicina, excluyendo la pedirual y pitocin. No queria poner en riesgo a mi bebe con la idea de que me aplicaran Pitocin y mi sueño era ofrecerle a mi bebe un parto natural, sin ninguna intervencion quirurgica, “Cesarea”.

Cuando conoci a Maria Luna, ella me dio mucha energia positiva y mucho animo de que el parto podia ser natural si trabajamos en conjunto cuando las contracciones empezaran. Fue emotivo y gratificante saber que era posible y que alguien no crei que mi idea de tener a mi bebe naturalmente y sin medicina era totalmente absurda. Maria Luna durante las largas horas que tuve contracciones fue un apoyo incondicional, ella con sus metodos me ayudo a superar cada contraccion y a tolerar el dolor sin tener que pedir o suplicar por el epidural. Fue un equipo de trabajo, Maria Luna y mi esposo me ayudaron infinitamente a que mi parto fuera lo mas hermoso que he podido vivir en mi vida. Cada vez que veo a una mujer embaraza, siempre recomiendo que contrate los servicios de una Doula. Mi analogia es que una Doula, en este caso, Maria Luna es como un GPS cuando vas a un lugar desconocido, Maria me ayudo a caminar y a navegar por la experiencia mas bonita que haya podido vivir, el nacimiento de mi bebe! Hoy despues de tres meses me siento muy orgullosa de haber tenido la oportunidad de tener a mi bebe naturalmente y le doy gracias a Dios que mi Bell esta saludable y llena de vida.

Maria Rust


My name is Amulang Fraley and I am a new mommy now. My daughter is three months old, I delivered her at Winnie Palmer Hospital. During my pregnancy I was not planning on hiring a doula to help me during labor just because it would have cost me more. I got acquainted with different pain management techniques prior my “big day” but when it came to it everything that I’d read was forgotten.

Maria is our family friend and I did let her know the day I went in labor, I was not expecting her to come to the hospital leaving her little one at home with her husband for so many hours just so she could support me. She would help me by reminding me about different ways of coping with my pain and trying to make me as comfortable as I could during the labor. I just want to admit that no matter how well informed and confident you can be there are moments when you need a person that is there for you with the knowledge and will to help.

Amulang M. Nandysheva Fraley

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