Having a baby can be the scariest thing to ever happen in your life, but it can also be an amazing experience.

So for all you who are not sure what a doula is or does? Lets talk about it. A doula is somebody that provides informational, emotional and physical support during the child-bearing journey. We are not a medical professionals. So we’re not catching your baby, but we are helping list the pros and cons of each intervention or choice you have to make. We are there to educate and inform you of what your choices are. We’re like a pregnant women’s best friend and a dad’s in person google function.

How do I find a doula? 

So what is the best way to go about trying to find a doula. You might Google it, but what are warning signs that a doula may not be right for you? Here are some Red flags to consider when looking for a doula to hire.

If they have an opinion on how you should be giving birth. That’s a warning sign. So lets say you want to have an epidural, or that you want all the drugs, or that you want to give birth in a hospital, a doula should be ok with your choice. It’s not us giving birth, its your choice. So say you want an epidural. OK, great, we have them for a reason. You can have an epidural. This is important to note because some women might have the misconception that doulas are for women only wanting natural births, only wanting to do it at home, only wanting to do it under the full moon, or under a peach tree, sounds funny, but its the general concept out there.

Who needs a doula? 

Doulas are for every kind of birth. We have some clients that want to schedule a cesarean section. It’s not for us to decide HOW women should give birth, but we will go over what that means in terms of risk and benefits. We’ll also cover what to expect from the choices you make and we may help you have the best outcome possible if that’s what you’re looking to have. Some women, they want an epidural. AND that’s OK! Epidurals have a purpose, but use them with knowledge. Know what it entails. If you get an epidural, there are real risks just as with any medical procedure. With an epidural there’s going to be an IV, a catheter, limit your mobility, blood pressure cuff, and don’t forget now you’ll need to be continuously monitored. There are things that come along with it that don’t necessarily mean you’re not going to do it if you know this information.

Be Informed 

You should just be informed. Where is the best place to find a doula? Doulas come from all different places with all different experience levels. What are the guidelines or where should I go? Is there a resource? There are different certifying agencies just like a yoga teacher. There’s going to be some that are more accredited than others. It’s best to start local. Start with the midwifery practices that know or the OB practice that you’re with. We work with OB’s that refer us to their clients. That would be a great place to start or a friend who had a good experience, word of mouth. Asking friends is really good and your local care provider. I mean we’re all about being friends with your care provider and liking your care provider.

A doula that’s against the care provider is a big red flag. We like to ask our clients if they like their care provider. If they tell us no, then we say, “Switch!” You need to have somebody that respects you, that is nice to you, and that you trust their medical opinion. If you get get a bad feeling about him or her, remember it’s your birth, you should feel comfortable. Trust your intuition and feel comfortable, you want to have a healthy pregnancy.


Doulas cost money and they are worth their weight in Gold. For women who cannot afford a doula, what are your options? Everybody can afford a doula. Lots of us have payment plans that are manageable, you can also ask for a doula fund at your baby shower. How can everyone afford a doula? Our doula services are available in packages. You can view our pricing options HERE.

But wait! Doulas can be covered by insurance. Doulas can be covered with flex spending accounts. And with some insurance coverage, they will reimburse for child birth education, and some doulas provide that service. We at Doulas of Orlando, do provide Childbirth Education. So we do actually fall under that umbrella as well. More and more insurance companies are reimbursing for doula services. Why? Because the bottom line is very clear. Doulas save them money! Women who hire a doula are less likely to have unnecessary medical interventions and babies tend to be born in better condition(5-min APGAR scores) than those with out a doula.


How can a doula help you? For many moms after having had a doula involved in the birth process, they see it as something that they absolutely need. It’s not a luxury because the experience leads to better bonding after birth. It leads to ease of breastfeeding, the ease of and transition into motherhood and then also the healing phase. It’s such an important time, it can be even more delicate than the pregnancy itself.

This is the time when now you have this baby in front of you and it’s like, what do I do now? and how? — if you’re not in that mental state and you’re not prepared and you’re not comfortable with that process, then it can be scary, but that’s what we are here for, and we love that our moms allow us to be a part it.

Thank you so much for your consideration, whichever decision you make, we hope the best for you and your future baby